Home Bridge (2019)

Our idea of ​​”living” addresses in particular the high consumption of land, linked to the development of single-family homes and the lack of adequate services for housing dispersion.

Guiding ideas are flexibility, customization, low land consumption and urban densification.

Home Bridge

Project Details

Numerous studies have certified that the ideal home would be a single-family one with the addition of all the services offered by multi-family homes, linked precisely to the population density.

The project includes:

  • main bridge structure in steel;
  • public network of cycle and pedestrian paths that connect the various housing blocks and connect them to the rest of the territory;
  • vertical and horizontal distribution system of access to the various houses, accompanied by large common areas (covered and uncovered) intended for collective use and sharing between co-residents;
  • living cells inserted within the structure that have considerable flexibility both in the design phase and in the subsequent one: in fact, a strong customization is possible based on tastes and needs. The main type is those of terraced houses but the system also allows the use of other types;
  • houses equipped with a garden terrace with a remarkable planting of plant and tree species. The roof is green roof.


The main structure is made of steel and rests on reinforced concrete pillars, connected to it by a secondary structure also made of steel capable of supporting prefabricated lamellar wood floors (CROSSLAM SYSTEM). The set of these structural elements serve to ensure considerable design flexibility, especially in relation to the plant network, but also to the positioning of the various floors. The entire structure is dry and can be modified or recycled at any time.