Villa in Argentario, Tuscany (2023)

The project concerns the construction of a house on the Argentario promontory in Tuscany. The house overlooks the northern side of the promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, in a vacant lot among other villas with gardens.
The design idea is that of a house that opens up completely to the surrounding landscape, with a magnificent view of the gulf from every room of the house. And it is precisely from this need that the shape of the plant arises.

Villa in Argentario, Tuscany

Project Details

A green roof, corresponding to the covered area made waterproof, in addition to having a function as a bioclimatic, water collection and shading element, also has a function as a tool for camouflaging the building, which almost completely disappears thanks to it and to vegetation.
The structure of the building is made of corten steel, and the shape is deduced through the Kangaroo component of Grasshopper.
Furthermore, a rainwater collection and domestic water recycling system is foreseen as well as a photovoltaic system above the pergola which guarantees energy autonomy.