Little Big House (2020)

The house in question is located in an urban lot occupied by a building from the late 1960s to be demolished and replaced with a new one. The lot has a size of 12.75 m x 16.60 and is wedged between other properties with related dwellings. It is a residential area characterized by villas and terraced houses.

Little Big House

Project Details

The new building must take into account both the neighboring properties and the area of ​​the lot to be vacated according to the regulations.

To make better use of the available space, the building was approached to the existing buildings, with access from the street and the back garden.

The project includes an office on two levels and a house with a basement, a living, dining and kitchen area on the ground floor and an upper floor with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Finally, there is also a garage.

The fluid and continuous space of the house is organized around a hall and a passage on two levels from which visually communicating spaces branch off. The various areas have different heights according to the “raumplan” theory. The living room has a double height facing south with large glass surfaces protected by “brise-soleil” that can rotate mechanically like Venetian blinds.

The materials used are wood, sandstone and zinc-titanium for the roof.


The structure is made of steel beams and pillars with reinforced concrete foundations. The floors are made of formwork laminated wood strips with space inside to house systems and insulation(CROSSLAM SYSTEM). The outer walls are packages with various functional layers. A dry system has been adopted for the structures and partitions which guarantees greater flexibility and greater compliance with energy class needs, all to reduce energy consumption to a minimum.