Competition Aedas Show Office (2018)

The basic idea of ​​the project for the construction of offices – showrooms for AEDAS is to reuse containers for freight transport.

The container, chosen in two modular typologies, performs both a self-supporting structural function and a compositional function, as a basic modular element that dictates the full-empty ratio. The choice was dictated by various factors: flexibility and compositional versatility, sustainability, respect for the environment and energy efficiency and, last but not least, economy.

Synonymous with eco-sustainability and ease of assembly, the use of containers is now aimed at creating cutting-edge environments at reduced costs

The advantage of using containers derives from the fact that they are very resistant and have a good durability (consider that they are treated to withstand transport at sea), they are versatile in their use and that they are quite cheap, moreover, they can be found everywhere in the world.


Competition Aedas Show Office (Spain)

Project details

Using second-hand elements gives new life to a used object, avoiding unnecessarily consuming precious resources and consequently reducing environmental pollution.

The ease and speed of construction allow the modules to be transported on wheeled vehicles or by rail from one place to another, quickly assembling the structure of the showroom – offices using a crane.

The mounting method on supports guarantees the flow of rainwater and has the advantage of leaving the area intact even after disassembly, without the need for any type of restoration.

The individual modules can be positioned next to each other, one behind the other or one above the other, taking into account the assembly instructions and the maximum load of each single element, expanding the model to infinity.

Between two elements a special rubber gasket must be inserted between the frames of the container frame and a space of 15 mm must be left.

The opaque parts of the walls and roof are insulated with spray polyurethane in contact with the sheet metal, since this type of insulation does not fear humidity and does not rot, and high-density wood fiber; the electrical and water systems will also run within the “wall package”.

The internal coating of the opaque parts will be in plasterboard while the external one will be in recycled aluminum.

The external aluminum finish will be mounted with diagonal slats that will bind the volumes and create a play of full / empty with the cuts on the covers.

The proposed colors are those typical of AEDAS HOME, dark blue was used as a base, while the other pantone colors were inserted to form colored blades: cold tones will represent the display / sales area, while warmer tones will be used for the lining of the containers used as the showroom of the house.

The installation of 3 Kw of total power supplied by the photovoltaic panels is envisaged, divided so that each container 20 boxes hosts a quantity of panels for a supply of 1 Kw each.